Speak To Me 2018

SESSION ONE - Worship with OC Worship Nights. Speakers: Briezelle Hilton, Jenn Halliburton, Joanne Johnson, Natalie Manuel Lee, and Alicia Hilton. 

SESSION TWO - Panel Speakers: Patti Shambrook, Bev Barkley, Christen Cowgill, Erin Funk, Nicole Rowan. Words of Encouragement: Kim Gjovnovich, Tami Hichman, Marcia Webber, Kahana Swift, Marisha Apodaca, Amanda Hastings, Tracy Marcus, and Jessi Green. Skit: Marcia Webber. Speakers: Cathy Greer and Lindy Conant. Worship: Lindy Conant and Team. 


Thank you to all the speakers and volunteers who made this year's event possible